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Food Services

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We are a maintenance company. We supply anything your maint dept needs, and we do
repairs as needed.
FOOD SERVICE and Laundry eqt
PARTS for ALL eqt
Booster heaters & parts
Walk in freezers BEST PRICE new & installed
Freezer alarm
Walk in freezer evap & condensers & parts.drain pan heaters, door gaskets & heaters,
defrost heaters & timers, light bulbs-switches-protectors.
Recording thermometers & charts
Protector plates for outside of freezer
Garbage disposals & repair & parts
Ice machine parts
Stainless sinks & drains
Thermometers (no wire)
Floor drain covers & treatment
Concession eqt parts
Laundry eqt parts
Hood lights, filters, & exhaust blowers & repair
Hose reels & parts
Pre rinse hose & parts
Folding table parts
Pressure washers & parts
Water broom
Plastic strip curtains
Vacuum breakers & kits
Shunt breaker
Fly fans
Hi temp wire & connectors
Cut resistant gloves
Freezer hand protectors
Heat resistant gloves and arm protectors
Milk box RUSH delivery
Anti fatigue mats
Notifier-when a door opens-when phone rings-when freezer is out-etc